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I love cats

Animal Jam: An Introduction

3 Biltmore Must Sees ( A Tween View)

  1. The Conservatory because of all the beautiful flowers a really great place to have a camera.
  2. Antler Hill village because there is ice cream. I tried the chocolate in a waffle cone and loved it. There is a grassy lawn to play in, and we played with another little boy who was visiting Biltmore.
  3. The gift shops at the main house in the old stables because there is ice cream, a candy store, and a toy store.

9 Tween Car Ride Survival Must Haves

Advice from a 10 year-old girl

1. iPad, fully charged ( I play Minecraft, Stella Bubble Pop, CrossyRoad, Subway Surfers, Race Penguin and many more.)

2. Giant fluffy pillow ( I use a big white tiger one from Justice.)

3. Blanket to keep warm

4. Coloring supplies ( pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, and pens)

5. Blank paper pad or notebook

6. Fully charged iPod and headphones

7. Book ( I am reading the Flower Power series and highly recommend it.)

8. Camera

9. A bag to put it all in ( I prefer a cute little monster bag or backpack  purse.)