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Gilbert Family Fun

Welcome to our idea of fun, which always means prioritizing family time and usually means learning something new. Our content is  family-friendly and never intended to offend.

Mischief and strife come to play when there’s not enough creativity and exercise in our day! So, we try to take advantage of every single day and celebrate every special holiday with our own family traditions and we hope this website will provide content that lives up to conservative family values.

Meet the Gilberts

Scott, driven by ideals and integrity, believes in always reading the directions first, unless he already knows how to do something because he has seen it done on TV once. Because he takes the academic approach, his efforts have a high success rate.

Molly balances a hopelessly romantic vision for what family life could be with the down to earth practical approach that eliminates projects that require too much clean up effort. However, sometimes creativity is a little messy and you just have to decide which is more important that day.

Audrey, 10, is never happier than when she has an art box full of paintbrushes, colored paper, paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils and permission to create. Quick to figure out computer programs, games and apps, she also has a nice appreciation of science and technology.

Finnian, 8, is tenderhearted, caring and full of energy, just like a little boy should be.  Full of imagination and big dreams, he loves anything you can put together or take apart: Legos, Hero Factory, Tinker Toys, tools, and robots.